19-year old CBSE Topper rape case; Women Police Officer Suspended




A week after 19-year old former CBSE topper was gang-raped, a woman police officer was suspended by senior police authorities.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hiramani has been suspended in this case due to delay in catching the accused. After the victim’s complaint, the police officer wasted time in arresting the accused, as a result of which the accused got time to abscond.

Police Officers are still in search of other accused in this case. The main accused Nishu has been arrested in the case, said the police officer in a press conference. Also, a Special Investigation Team has been set up for the investigation of the case.

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SIT arrested the main accused within 30 hours. Deendayal and Dr. Sanjeev are involved in this case.

This incident has created fear and panic in Haryana. After committing such heinous crime, the people of Haryana are worried about the safety of the girls in the state.

The insight of the case:

This 19-year-old girl was first kidnaped and then raped by three people. All this 3 accused were arrested by Haryana police. In this case,  a lady police officer has been suspended.

The incident took place near the tubewell whose owner is Deendayal. Sanjeev is a doctor who helped the accused commit this crime.

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The victim was kidnapped from Kanina bus stop in Rewadi district, Haryana on Thursday. The victim reportedly was going to her coaching center when the incident took place. The victim was given drugs and later was raped. The accused were not arrested even after 5 days of the crime.

The victim’s family has demanded the investigation of this case.

Police informed that they have received an evidence of the accused involved in this crime. The main accused, Nishu was the mastermind behind this crime and planned it accordingly. Also, a soldier in the army is involved in this case who is currently absconding.

Police are still probing into the case for further information.

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