Spate of Shootings Rocks Pune With Four Incidents in Four Days: Latest Incident in Yerawada

Pune: Multiple firing incidents have been reported in Pune in the last few days. As per the police, in the last four days, four different instances of firing took place in Pune city. In the latest incident, on April 19, another furious firing incident took place in the Yerawada area around 3.30 a.m. and 4 a.m., in which one person fired three shots of bullets at another.

This incident is being reported to have taken place during an old dispute between two people. The police have identified the accused as Akash Chandale, a resident of the Yerawada area. As per the police information, Vicky Chandale was riding his bike at night around 3.30 a.m. At that time, Akash Chandale and his friends halted Vicky’s road and started arguing with him.

Because of this, there was an intense altercation between them in which Akash took a pistol from him and fired three rounds of bullets at Vicky. In this incident, one bullet targeted Vicky’s stomach, and Vicky got seriously injured in it. Accordingly, he was promptly admitted to a nearby hospital for further treatment, and his condition is reported to be critical.

As soon as the police got information about the incident, they immediately rushed to the spot and apprehended the accused, Akash Chandale. During the investigation, police learned that both the accused and injured person are relatives of each other, and this attack stemmed from the earlier animosity between them.

Meanwhile, on Thursday around 2 a.m., a simple argument over the matchbox resulted in a cold-blooded firing incident in which one person fired a bullet towards another. Sinhagad police promptly investigated the case and apprehended two accused.

Earlier, an ex-serviceman had fired at another ex-serviceman at Shewalwadi in Hadapsar district. The incident arose out of a dispute over poaching security guards at a competitor agency and over a business issue. The incident took place on Wednesday around 10 a.m. in the Takle Bungalow area of Shewalwadi, Hadapsar.

Another shocking attempt was made to shoot a businessman in broad daylight on Jangali Maharaj (JM) Road in Pune. The incident took place on Tuesday (16th) around 3.30 p.m. on the road below the Argade House office. The businessman’s name is Dheeraj Dineshchandra Argade (age 38), residing at Kohinoor Estate, Mulroad, Wakdewadi, Khadki.

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