Pune: 14-Year-Old Boy Dies in Chandannagar Swimming Pool; Father Alleges Negligence of Authorities

Pune: A 14-year-old boy died after drowning in a private swimming pool in the Chandannagar area on Tuesday, April 16. After this, the deceased boy’s father lodged a complaint against a manager and a security guard of the swimming pool for their carelessness while on duty at Chandannagar Police Station.

The deceased boy has been identified as Atik Nadeem Tamboli. Atik, a resident of Vadgaon Sheri, was studying in class 8. As per the complaint lodged by Atik’s father, Nadeem Ismail Tamboli, Atikh had just learned to swim a few days ago.

On Tuesday, around 2.30 p.m., Atik had gone for swimming with his friends in the swimming pools of Khalsa gym, which is situated at Sangharsh Chowk in the Chandannagar area. At that time, due to exhaustion, Atik drowned while swimming. After his friends knew about this, they started screaming and shouting.

Promptly, other officials and people present at the gym took Atik out of the water and immediately admitted him to the hospital for treatment. However, doctors declared him dead before the treatment.

Following the incident, relatives of Atik Tamboli held the authority of the swimming pool responsible for this incident, alleging the absence of a security guard or any other staff of the swimming pool at the location at the time of the incident. They further alleged that CCTV cameras on the premises are also closed.

Subsequently, police registered a case against the security guard and the manager of Khalsa Gym under IPC 304(a), 336, and 34. Meanwhile, the sudden demise of young Atik has sent shockwaves through the Vadgaon Sheri area.

Atik belongs to a middle-class family, and his father works as a driver. Atik has two younger siblings.

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