Shasan Aaplya Dari | Would keep working for bright future of common man as each coming day belongs to commoner – Chief Minister Mr Eknath Shinde

Benefit of rupees 2 thousand 213 crore through schemes of various department under Shasan Aaplya Daari program

– Chief minister communicates after paying obeisance to Martyrs of Marathwada Mukti Sangram
– AbchalNagar crowded as beneficiaries gather in large number
– More than 40 thousand citizens experienced the thrill of the program


Nanded : NpNews24 Online  –  Shasan Aaplya Dari | “The decisions taken by the present government in last 11 months had overcome the backlog of development that was existence since last two and a half years. Now Sarkari kaam -Saha mahine Tham (if it’s government work, wait for 6 months) this concept has been obliterated. The common people now do not have to visit government offices. The government itself now approaches the door steps of the common people,” said Chief Minister Mr Eknath Shinde, adding that the state government will be consistency striving for the welfare of the common people and their bright future. The Chief Minister was speaking at the program Shasan Aapalya Daari (Government at your door steps) in Abchalnagar locality of Nanded.

Guardian minister of Nanded district Girish Mahajan, minister of industries Uday Samant, minister for agriculture Abdul Sattar, Member of Parliament Prataprao Patil Chikhalikar, MP Hemant Patil, legislators Ram Patil Ratolikar, legislator Balaji Kalyankar, Bhimrao Keram, Dr Tushar Rathore, Shyamsundar Shinde, Rajesh Pawar, Santosh Bangar, Dyaanraj Chougule, special Inspector General Shashikant Mahavarkar, district magistrate Abhijeet Raut, chief executive officer Varsha Thakur Ghuge, Superintendent of Police Shrikrishna Kokate, Commissioner of Municipal corporation Dr Mahesh Kumar Doifode, beneficiaries of various schemes across the district and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

Before beginning his speech, Chief Minister Mr Shinde made a mention about Shri Renuka Devi of Mahurgad, Shri Guru Govind Singhji, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, known and unknown freedom fighters of Marathwada Mukti Sangram and Martyrs of this freedom struggle and paid his respect to them. At the beginning of his speech he said that the government has accepted the responsibility of development of each and every person of the state. He said that rupees 2 thousand 213 crore have been distributed through the schemes of various departments of the government to the people of Nanded district.

‘We stand family with farmers’

The Chief Minister said that farmers provide us food and we should respect their hard work. He said that his government had not even completed one year but in this small period, the government has resolved that it will stand firm with the farmers and peasants. He said that the government has given double the rate then that was decided by NDRF for the benefit of the farmers. He said that till date, the state government has distributed 10 thousand crore rupees as financial assistance to the affected farmers. Mr Shinde also said that only announcement was made that those farmers who will be regularly repaying the installments of the loan will be given incentive grant of rupees 50 thousand but this government started its implementation. He said that his government has taken the decision to declare ‘continuous rain’ as natural calamity and made a provision of 1500 crore rupees for helping the victim farmers.

He further said that his government is giving Crop Insurance to the farmers for just one rupee, adding that the state government has added 6 thousand rupees more along with the amount of rupees 6 thousand that was declared to be given by the Prime Minister under the Shetkari Sanmaan Yojana and now rupees 12 thousand is being given as financial assistance to the farmers.

The government belongs to the common man

The Chief Minister asserted that his government is working for the welfare of common people and striving for bringing positive change in the lives of common people. He said that his government has taken many decisions in the interest of common man and said that may it be the cut down in the prices of petrol and diesel, may it be related to tourism or e- filing, the government has always been standing with common man. Mr Shinde said that his government is committed to give government jobs to 75 thousand youth. He also said that through discussions and coordination with various companies, the skill development department of the state government is taking pains for making employment available to the youth of the state and till date about 1.5 Lakh to 2 lakh employments have been given to the youth of the state.

Positive decision regarding proposal of Agriculture College

Stating that the state government is committed for the overall development of Nanded district, Chief Minister Mr Shinde further said that 7 dams are going to be constructed on Penganga river with an expenditure of 16 hundred crore rupees and the government has given approval to this project. He said that 25 thousand Hectares of land will be coming under irrigation because of this decision. He also said six lakh hectares of land will be brought under irrigation after the amended administrative approval for various irrigation projects. He said that the state government will extend its full cooperation for the development of Nanded district may it be related to the Lendi project or railway project connecting Nanded, adding that the government has decided to extend the Samruddhi Highway up to Nanded. Mr Shinde said that 100 crore turmeric project is going to be started in Hingoli. He also said that positive decision will be taken on the proposal of starting agricultural college in Nanded.

Various decisions for women and senior citizens

Chief Minister Mr Shinde further said that the state government is implementing various schemes for the empowerment of women in the state. He said that the Lek Ladaki venture, the branding and marketing of goods manufactured by Self Help Groups, 50percent concession to women in the buses of State Transportation, free travelling in the buses of State Transportation to senior citizens over 75 years of age- were all decisions taken in the interest of common people and the people of the state are today taking the benefit of these decisions. He said that this is your Government and I owe responsibility towards the people of the state.

Shasan Aapalya Daari is a good initiative – Girish Mahajan

Addressing the gathering, guardian Minister Girish Mahajan said that the government had implemented the Shasan Aapalya Daari scheme with pure intention of taking all the beneficial schemes to the people in the rural and remote areas. He said that many a times common people do not have information about different schemes which are meant for them and they are eligible to get benefit of. Many do not know where to file the application and they are unaware of the criteria of eligibility for different schemes. He said that in order to overcome these hardships, the state government is reaching to each house in the rural areas and this is a very important step by the state government. Girish Mahajan also said that Chief Minister Mr Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Mr Devendra Fadnavis are daily going to the common people and learning about their sorrows. They have implemented various schemes at government level and these schemes are taken to the beneficiaries.

Always ready to help farmers -agriculture minister

Agriculture minister Abdul Sattar said that the farmers are always facing the challenges posed by the nature. They are always seen stranded in various problems related to nature and hence the state government has decided to bring them on the path of economic development by giving the benefit of various schemes. He said that the farmers are always facing problems because of uncertain nature and the prices of agriculture goods fluctuating in the market. He said that when there is more production, the price is very less in the market and farmers have to face hard times and keeping this in mind the government has started Godown scheme where 60 percent grant is given to the beneficiaries. He said that the farmers should be concentrating more on ancillary businesses along with farming. He said that it is for this reason that the state government also took the decision to include cows and buffaloes to the women Self Help groups, besides goats.
Agriculture minister Sattar said that government has brought various schemes for the farmers which include the Shet- taley (water sheds) schemes, schemes related to solar energy, equipment Bank, plough, tractor, harvester, training at university level for spraying with drone, running agriculture pumps on solar energy and other schemes.

Industrial Development will get a boost – MP Chikhalikar

MP Pratap Patil Chikhalikar said that Chief Minister Mr Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Mr Fadnavis are striving hard to ensure that common people of the state get justice and they are provided the required service promptly. He said that this government is the government of ‘Givers’ and expected that the pending backlog of industries and road development of Nanded district be filled soon.

Confidence of common people is high -MP Hemant Patil

Member of Parliament Hemant Patil said that the common people have to struggle at various places which are related to the government, right from the certificate to the benefit of the scheme, they have to visit government offices, frequently. In order to bridge the gap between the government and the beneficiaries, the government has started Shasan Aapalya Daari and this scheme has proved to be helpful for the common people of the state. It is, in fact novel venture which is an outcome of the experience of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde who had face the problems right from driving an auto rickshaw to the family of a farmer and his experiences has made various government schemes to be implemented with more responsibility and transparency.

Legislator Kalyankar demands Agri college

During the program legislator Balaji Kalyankar thanked the Chief Minister Mr Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Mr Fadnavis for the Shasan Aapalya Daari venture and the benefit to the people of Nanded district by this program. He demanded that considering the Agriculture area of Nanded district, an Agriculture College should be started in the district.

Representative beneficiaries were distributed the benefit of various schemes at the hands of chief minister Mr Shinde. Under the Maazi Mulgi Maaza Abhimaan (My daughter -my Pride) 2 lakh 5000 houses were named after the daughters in Nanded district. For underlining this scheme, a girl named Pragati Venkat Navate presented a plate named after the wife of chief minister Mrs Lata Tai Eknath Shinde. Amount of rupees 2 crore 5 lakh was deposited online in the bank accounts of 2 thousand 123 farmers from Nanded district under the Shaswat Krishi Sinchan Yojana( Sustainable agriculture irrigation scheme). Head of the Chief Minister Jan Kalyan Kaksh Dr Amol Shinde also expressed his views on the occasion.


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