Ahmednagar News | Supreme Court rejects plea challenging lower court’s order against Indurikar Maharaj

AHMEDNAGAR: Pune : NpNews24 Online  –  Ahmednagar News | It has become clear that a trial of noted kirtankar Nivrutti Maharaj Indurikar will be held. The Supreme Court has rejected a petition filed against a lower court’s order. (Ahmednagar News)

The SC has maintained the ruling given by the lower court in Sangamner that Indurikar Maharaj should be put on trial regarding his comments about the intercourse and the gender of the child. This is being considered a big setback for Indurikar Maharaj. A case was filed against him through the efforts of Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti.

Indurikar Maharaj had made a statement that ‘If intercourse takes place on an even day, a male child is born and if it is done on an odd day, a female child is born.’ The Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti had initially demanded that a case should be filed against Indurikar Maharaj. It had lodged a complaint with the district surgeon and the police superintendent. Later, a case was filed against Indurikar Maharaj. The lower court at Sangamner had given orders that Indurikar Maharaj should be put on trial. However, a petition had been filed in the SC against the court’s order.

Indurikar Maharaj was hopeful about getting a respite from the SC but it rejected the petition and has maintained the ruling of the lower court that Indurikar Maharaj should be put on trial. This has increased the problems of Indurikar Maharaj.
Meanwhile, a few months ago, a video of a kirtan programme of Indurikar Maharaj had gone viral in which he made comments about the birth of a boy and a girl.

His comments had been severely criticised. He had been issued a notice by the PCPNDT committee of the district health department seeking an explanation. Later, Indurikar Maharaj had expressed his regret and said that he will stop delivering kirtans and do farming. Supporters and followers of Indurikar Maharaj were upset due to this. During a kirtan programme of Indurikar Maharaj, his supporters had displayed banners supporting him.

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