Pune News: BrickETC Signs MoU with JSPM & TSSM Schools in Pune, Benefitting Almost 8,000 Students

Pune: NpNews24 Online –  Pune News | 16 October 2023: BrickETC, a leading ed-tech platform dedicated to providing a wide array of online vocational and skill courses, is thrilled to announce a momentous collaboration with JSPM and TSSM Schools. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between BrickETC and these renowned educational institutions will span six schools, collectively benefiting nearly 8,000 students. The primary goal of this collaboration is to empower students to make informed career choices, explore passions and gain skills. (Pune News)

In alignment with the National Education Policy 2020’s recommendation to introduce vocational subjects after the 6th standard, BrickETC’s courses will seamlessly integrate into the schools’ curriculum. These courses are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to explore their interests and potential career paths.

During engagements with students from JSPM schools, it was discovered that more than 60% of them aspire to become business owners or entrepreneurs in the future. While these schools offer exceptional academic education, BrickETC’s programs are uniquely positioned to provide the guidance required to transform these aspirations into reality. Today’s ‘Generation Alpha’ students have unparalleled exposure to ongoing career trends but often lack the proper channels and guidance to translate their potential into success within the competitive job market.

Dr. Pooja Misal, Founder of BrickETC and Founder Director of SMEF’s Brick Group of Institutes, underscores the significance of informed career choices in fostering a happy and successful life. She emphasizes, “Experiencing courses before committing to a full-time program was never an option in the past. We at BrickETC are excited to witness these students exploring engaging courses on our platform. The Management and Principals of JSPM and TSSM schools have recognized this need for their students, and we are thrilled to bridge this gap, guiding them from interest to ability to career. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with more schools.”

Ms. Minu Joshi, the Academic Head at BrickETC, adds, “Today, parents encourage their children to choose their careers freely. However, without ample knowledge, this independence can be counterproductive. With BrickETC, we provide a platform that bridges this knowledge gap through multiple short-term creative courses, offering students a first-hand experience to assess and truly understand their abilities.”

Career counseling plays a pivotal role in guiding students towards the right career choices. According to a survey by BrickETC, only 10% of students are aware of this, with over 40% relying on Google for career guidance. Additionally, 35% of students believe that interacting with professionals in specific fields can help them make better career choices. For 81% of students, having the opportunity to try a course or field before pursuing it as a career is ideal – a role that BrickETC’s courses aptly fulfill. In an era where following one’s passion is highly valued, 70% of students believe that their passion should determine their future career. However, the sustainability and viability of their passion as a career remain crucial questions, and BrickETC’s courses provide answers to these questions.

Mr. G. T. Sawant, Secretary and Director of JSPM & TSSM Group, expressed optimism about the MoU’s impact on learning and exposure in the schools. He stated, “This MoU will enhance the quality of education and empower our students to make informed choices from an early age. Embracing technological innovations to enhance growth and development is essential, and BrickETC’s courses are a step in the right direction for all our schools.”

The collaboration between BrickETC and JSPM & TSSM Schools represents a significant milestone in empowering students to explore their passions and make informed career choices. With a shared vision for a brighter future, this collaboration is poised to inspire and guide students toward fulfilling their aspirations.

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