Nagpur News : 12 people went for a picnic stranded in Ghughra Waterfall, all rescued


Nagpur : About 12 people from two families who reached Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh for a picnic from Nagpur in Maharashtra were trapped in flood. Both the families were spending time at Ghughra Waterfall, when suddenly water came there and both the families got stuck. After the rescue operation late on Tuesday night, everyone was taken out safely from there.

According to the news, there was very little water in the waterfall till noon. But after 3 o’clock the water suddenly increased. Because of which all of them got trapped. After a lot of screaming, the people around informed the police about the matter. As soon as the administration got the news of this matter, a team reached the spot. The work of evacuating people started in the afternoon itself. An attempt was made to get everyone out with the help of a rope. Eventually everyone was taken out by night.

The people of the village did not have any means to get everyone out of the water. Swimmers were called from Peepla and Mohgaon to rescue them. An attempt was made to get everyone out with the rope. But the flow of water was so fast that their efforts were failing. Due to the darkness, lights were first arranged there and then rescue work was started. By 11 o’clock on Tuesday night, everyone was safely rescued. After which they were immediately admitted to the nearby PHC.

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