Pune: Amol Kolhe Pinched Aadhalrao Over CM’s Absence While Filing Nomination Papers; Called Him Dummy Candidate

Pune: Mahavikas Aaghadi’s Shirur candidate, Dr. Amol Kolhe, has once again targeted his opponent, Shivajirao Aadhalrao Patil, by describing him as a dummy candidate. However, Aadhalrao has also replied to Kolhe, saying that he is not a dummy candidate but a daddy candidate. As the verbal blows are traversing from both sides, the political atmosphere in Shirur constituency has started heating as the election for Shirur Lok Sabha constituency is approaching.

The voting for Shirur Lok Sabha constituency is scheduled for May 13. On the background of it, both leaders, i.e., Amol Kolhe of Mahavikas Aaghadi and Shivajirao Aadhalrao Patil of Mahayuti, have not been leaving any opportunity to target each other.

In the latest such incident, Amol Kolhe poked Aadhalrao about the absence of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde while filing the nomination papers for Aadhalrao Patil. Kolhe said, “As the Chief Minister did not come and one of the Deputy Chief Ministers said that he would only take a road show. On this, it gets clear that Aadhalrao Patil is a dummy candidate.”

A few days ago, Kolhe dropped a bombshell in the political circle of the state by saying that the CM initially wanted Chhagan Bhujbal to contest the Shirur Lok Sabha constituency, and Aadhalrao is not a preferred choice of the CM.

Replying to these criticisms, Aadhalrao Patil said, “I am not a dummy, but I am a daddy candidate. So Amol Kolhe should understand that he is a dummy candidate and I am his daddy.”

Aadhalrao Patil also targeted Amol Kolhe over the water issue in his adopted villages. Patil said, “Amol Kolhe has adopted many villages in Shirur. However, the water situation in these villages is severe. On the other hand, I am silently providing water to many drought-facing villages.” He also said that he is also supplying water to villages adopted by Amol Kolhe.

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