With full Force, Zeal and Attitude “Forza” celebrated




With full bang on full force, zeal and attitude aspiraning management students celebrated student fest Forza.

International School of Business & Media (ISB&M) College had organized a fashion show in campus on Tuesday evening. ISB&M celebrated its foundation day, which was a three day cultural fest FORZA’ 2018, while the fashion show started from 8:00 p.m. onwards on 24 July.

Shubhangana Tandon- Assistant Vice President, said, “We believed in our theme for today that is FORZA-High On Life. Yes, we have worked really hard for this day. We have a student council in our college that takes care of every one or two events that takes place in our college every month”.

The show had the presence of the Mr. World 2015, Pawan Shetty who has walked the ramp for various International shows. Indian Supermodel Summer Jacobs, who had been the finalist in India’s Next Top Model. Bhavini Soni, director of The Viral Fever Girliyapa will be judging the drama along with famous Director and Producer Alok Sharma.
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Such fest was organized for three day in which they organized a fashion show with Forza High on Life. The show started after the entry of the Director of the college. A huge amount of cheer and encouragement was witnessed by us from the students. The students seemed to be a lot of enthusiastic about the event. With a display of various glamorous outfits, the lights, the sound and the whole set-up blew up the minds of the audience.

The students are said to be preparing for this since past 15 days. In which youth from different colleges participated, they had shown the best of their stunning costumes and ramp walks. The continuous cheer from the crowd of students filled the hall with colors.

During the event, the director of ISB&M, Pramod Kumar said “I am feeling glad that my students have made the whole arrangements right from the food, the decoration, the sequence everything. It’s their hard work that made this event successful. They have been preparing for this since 15 days. This is one way the students learn management skill and this is practical aspect of learning with fun.”

Executive Director, Anirban Sengupta, ISB&M says ” The juniors did it all under the guidance of their seniors. They have put in all their efforts to make this show a success. In this three day fest, the zeal, the youth power and their hidden talents was witnessed in the show. He said the faces of the show are the juniors but the seniors are their pillars”.

Jasraj Singh-President, Student’s Council says “It’s like a legacy we pass on to our juniors; we have set a benchmark for our juniors, so that the same could be followed by them. We have learnt a lot. And yes we worked hard a lot for this event.”

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