Pune: Senior Citizens Association of City Announced Support to Mohol’s Candidature: Mohol Promised to Prioritise Betterment of Senior Citizens

Pune: “To fulfil the promise made by his father, Shri Ram gave up his kingdom for fourteen years and lived in the forest. He honoured Mata Shabari by eating her consumed fruits. Respecting and honouring the elders is the lesson we get from the Ramayana. That is why respecting elders is our culture,” said Pune Lok Sabha candidate Muralidhar Mohol today while campaigning for the Lok Sabha seat.

He further said that the elders and senior citizens of Pune are his star campaigners, and he would effectively implement the Modi government’s socially beneficial plans for them after getting elected.

ASCOP, Facecom, the BJP Senior Citizens Alliance, and all 190 recognised Senior Citizens Associations of Pune City announced their support for Mohol. Mohol was speaking at this senior citizen meeting. ASCOP’s President Dilip Pawar, Executive President Shriram Bedkihal, Treasurer Achyut Kulkarni, Secretary Urmila Shejwalkar, and office bearers Uday Renukar, Arun Rode, and Rajeev Kulkarni played an important role in organising the meeting.

Officials of the Help age India organisation, such as Vasantrao Daporkar, Bandopant Phadke, Anil Kulkarni, Padmakar Kulkarni, Surekha Pendse, Usha Joel, Shraddha Chitnis, etc., were also present on this occasion.

While addressing senior citizens, Mohol said that the elders in the family are our strength. He further said, “It is my personal experience that whenever we get some stress, we feel some relief after talking to senior members of our family. Often times, whenever I have been in a confused state of mind, I have been able to come out of it with the guidance of the elders.”

He added, “The BJP has always taken care of senior citizens, because senior citizens are storehouses of experience in society. Seniors and elders have always been respectful to me and will continue to be so. I was fortunate to serve the senior citizens during the Corona period, and it was with their blessings that I got a chance in this election. Their blessings are always a great source of inspiration for me.”

Mohol affirmed that these senior citizens will play a role as star campaigners in my election.

On this occasion, Rajya Sabha MP Medha Kulkarni, BJP City President Dheeraj Ghate, Mahayuti Coordinator Sandeep Khardekar, City General Secretary Puneet Joshi, Shiv Sena Deputy City Chief Sachin Thorat, Mahayuti Coordinator Sham Deshpande, Senior Citizens Gathering Coordinator Balasaheb Temkar, Kothrud Dakshin Mandal President Dr. Butala, Kothrud Uttar Mandal President Sachin Pashankar, Ex-Corporator Urmila Apte, Former Deputy Mayor Nana Nashikkar, Anupama Limaye, Kothrud General Secretary Anuradha Yedke, Manjushree Khardekar, MNS Division President Sudhir Dhawade, RPI Kothrud President Balasaheb Khankal, Shiv Sena Kothrud Division Chief Mayur Pansare, Deepak Pawar, Girish Khatri, City Clerk Prashant Harsule, Rahul Kokate, Kothrud Vice President Dinesh Mazire, Ajit Jagtap etc. were present.

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