Pune: Top Clerk of Haveli Tehsil Office Booked for Demanding Rs 1.5 lakh Bribe

Pune: A startling incident has come to light in the Haveli Tehsil Office in which the top clerk of the office demanded a bribe of Rs 1.5 lakh from the person who was seeking compensation for his acquired land by the government for the proposed ring road project in the city. In this regard, the Pune Anti-Corruption Department registered a case against the accused clerk on Tuesday, April 23.

The accused clerk has been identified as Narendra Bhanudas Dhole (40). It is learned from the primary investigation that, on Tehsildar’s suggestion, the accused clerk sought a bribe from the plaintiff.

In this regard, a 47-year-old man has lodged a complaint with the Pune ACB. The government has fixed the final rate of land required for Pune (West) Ring Road, and compensation is being paid to the land owners whose lands have been acquired by the government. Accordingly, the complainant was to receive Rs 34, 20,348 for his land acquisition.

However, for this, the blank entry on the 7/12 passage of the complainant’s premises was to be reduced by the Tehsildar Office. The application of the complainant to reduce that record was received at the Haveli Tehsildar Office.

To reduce the blank record of this application, the top clerk, Narendra Dhole, demanded a bribe of one and a half lakh rupees from the complainant for the Tehsildar. Not agreeing to pay the demanded bribe, the complainant lodged a complaint at the Pune ACB office regarding it. After that, Pune ACB officials verified the complaint on 8, 9, 14, 15, 20 February, and 20 March.

During the complaint verification, police found the accused clerk guilty of demanding a bribe, and therefore they registered a complaint against him under the Prevention of Corruption Act at Khadak Police Station. This action was taken by the Pune ACB team under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Amol Tambe and Additional Superintendent of Police Dr. Sheetal Janve.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Madhuri Bhosle, is conducting further investigations into the case.

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