Super rich Sardar buys 7 Rolls Royce to match the colour with his Turban


NP NEWS 24 ONLINE – London-based Sikh Entrepreneur Reuben Singh earlier this year took to Twitter to share his epic response to a comment by an Englishman who mocked his turban by calling it a ‘bandage’.

Singh responded by making a bet for charity with the originator of the comment where he was challenged to match the colour of his Turbans to his cars for an entire week. Mr Singh responded in style, matching the colour of his turbans to his fleet of Rolls Royces for the entire week of the challenge.

Reuben Singh, who is also known as the “British Bill Gates”.

Unfortunately for the Englishman, Mr Singh responded in style, showing off his colour matched turbans and Rolls Royces to win the bet with ease.

He started out by working over 20 hours in his first ‘Miss Attitude’ store at the age of 17. With the hunger to build an empire for him, he kept striving for more and achieved a lot before being forced to sell out his debt-laden business for a shocking £1 (approx Rs 80) to American financier Gary Klesch.

The once abounding media went all gun blazing on Singh as he suffered huge losses and couldn’t pay back loans of over 11 million pounds (approx Rs 10 crores).

While his story is indeed a topsy-turvy one, Mr Singh’s return to the top of the pile has been nothing short of impressive. The rise from ashes once again also helped him give an answer to a racist quip regarding his turban with unmatchable style and ensured that a charity gained some extra help to carry out its tasks.


The Rollers showcased by Mr Singh in his Challenge range from the Ghost Series II to the Phantom VII Drophead, which was once India’s most expensive car with a price tag of Rs 8.38 crore. That title now belongs to the Phantom VIII LWB which currently retails for Rs 11.35 crores.

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