More than 20% infection in 16 states, Every other sample in Lakshadweep infected

New Delhi : In the second wave of Coronavirus, even though new cases have been decreasing for some days, the threat has not yet been avoided. The infection rate still remains more than 20 percent in 16 states of the country, out of which seven states are where the infection is spread up to 52 percent. Every other sample in Lakshadweep is getting corona infected. Here the infection rate has been 52.60 percent, which is for the first time in any state in the whole country.

Giving information on Thursday, the Union Health Ministry said that new patients are decreasing in Karnataka and Kerala too, but Tamil Nadu and Punjab are showing an increase. New cases have also come down in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. The ministry said that the rate of infection in 22 states remains more than 15 percent. While 13 states have an infection rate of between five and 15 percent. Similarly, if we talk about active cases, more than one lakh patients are still under treatment in eight states of the country.

69 percent active cases in eight states
The ministry’s joint secretary Lav Aggarwal said that 69 percent of the total active cases in the country are in only 8 states. The number of daily recovery cases in 21 states is more than the new cases. He said that the active cases on May 3 across the country were 17.13 per cent, now they are down to 12.1 per cent. The recovery rate has increased from 81.7 percent to 86.7 percent. When compared to active cases and recovery cases in the last 10 days, more cases of recovery were reported.

According to the ministry, the spread of coronavirus was seen in 531 districts of the country between 28 April and 4 May. During that time more than 100 corona infected patients were found in these districts. Currently, new cases have not been received in 101 of these districts between May 12 and 18, due to which the current situation is that at least 100 cases of corona have been registered in 430 districts of the country. Similarly, between May 13 and 19, it has been observed that the infection rate is decreasing in 303 districts of the country.

Why the battle of Corona is long
The ministry said that if we talk about districts, one in three districts in Andaman and Nicobar, 1 of 13 in Andhra Pradesh, 1 of 25 in Arunachal Pradesh, 21 of 38 in Bihar, 13 of 28 in Chhattisgarh, 8 of 11 in Delhi, 10 out of 33 in Gujarat, 5 out of 22 in Haryana, only 1 out of 12 in Himachal Pradesh, 43 out of 75 in Uttar Pradesh, 13 out of 33 in Rajasthan and 36 out of 52 districts of Madhya Pradesh have seen decrease in new cases of corona infection. But there is a long battle to get these cases to zero.

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