Nandurbar police’s human touch to policing; SP, other officers help a distressed elderly man

Nandurbar : NpNews24 Online Nandurbar police | This is a rare but inspiring example of the police going out of their way to help common people. A poor, distressed elderly man was helped by the Nandurbar police, led by Superintendent of Police (SP) PR Patil.


Padam Harchand Koli (75), a resident of Damarkheda, taluka Shahada of the district is a poor man who lost his wife to Covid-19. He felt helpless after the death of his wife. He was sad because he spent all his savings on her treatment but she left him forever.


He never felt so much distressed before. Then he received a flicker of hope in the form of Rs 50,000 under a government scheme. He rushed to the local branch of SBI and withdrew the aid. His eyes welled up as he thought of his wife. He thanked God for the much needed help. As he was on his way, he stopped at a small eatery to have water. Before taking a glass of water, he kept the bag containing the money beside him.


However, a thief on his trail snatched his bag away. The old, helpless man broke down. He never saw so much money before in his life, which was snatched away from him. He blamed his fate and went back home.


Nandurbar SP PR Patil read the man’s plight in a newspaper. He directed Shahada police station PI Deepak Budhwant to bring the old man to his office. He was brought to the SP’s office. The old man was frightened. He was still in a state of shock, which he got a day ago.


He received yet another shock, though a pleasant one, at the SP’s office. SP Patil handed over Rs 50,000 to him, and said, “We will find your stolen money. However, my colleagues have collected this money by contributing from their own pockets. Please, accept it.” Tears did not stop rolling down from the old man’s eyes.


This aid was made possible through the initiative taken by SP PR Patil, Addl SP Vijay Pawar, Shahada DySP Shrikant Ghumare, LCB PI Ravindra Kalamkar, PI Deepak Budhwant, reader Arjun Patale and other police personnel.


While leaving the SP’s office, the old man said, “Your gesture has given me strength to live for some more days.”


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