Grand-Old-Mom gives kidney to grandson

Ends years of surgeries and treatments with help from doctors at Jehangir Hospital

NPnews24 Online: You have seen many cases where, old parents came forward to help, but in this case 72-years old with great health no diabetes and heart issues, and even though the limit for such donations is restricted to 60-64 years, have donated kidney to her 12 year grand-son.

Sahil Bhundere,12 year-old, for the last 12 years, had been suffering from (End Stage Renal Disease) and had been on (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis) for the last 6 years. A child resident from Kalyan underwent many surgeries for the last 5 years.

Over the period of time, doctors tried to rectify his issues step by step, said Dr. Manoj Matnani, a Pediatric nephrologist, but his growth/bones stunted. Dr. Manoj further added, they tried to deal with the CAPD through surgeries by inserting a catheter or etc. This helped him gain 8cms in height. Finally, we had to move towards a kidney transplant

Parents of the child were keen to come to Pune as Dr. Matani had been consulting on the case and city is very much accessible to them and easy to travel and affordable health cost.

Sahil undergone for the surgeries at jehangir hospital it took 3.5-4 hours with the team of Dr Deepak Kirpekar, Dr Yogesh Sohoni, Dr Nitin Gadgil, Dr Pai, Dr Dhanesh Karmerkar, Dr Nupur Bischt, Dr Archana Jana and Dr Kanhe . “Since the grand mom was 72 years old we had to work on controlling the BP and also manage the blood vessels as it was an adult’s kidney being given to child.”

Santosh Bhundere, his father who is a hawaldar in Kalyan says, “We couldn’t keep him on dialysis forever. Luckily my mother was a match and also got a clean chit health-wise. Both mother and son are fine and have been discharged. It’s a relief to see him well and he’s also gained some weight and height.”

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