Skin | Men can look younger than their age in just 10 minutes, Know how

npnews24 –  Everyone will agree on this point that no one likes to look old. The real thing is that no one wants to be old, everyone has a longing to look young. Wrinkles, razor burn and discoloured face are major problems for men. As the age increases, its direct effect starts showing on the skin. For this you will need to pay attention to your skin daily. Today we are going to tell some such remedies to men, if they are adopted daily, then no one can stop them from getting ‘Mr. Perfect Look’.

BB Cream

BB creams are becoming a ‘must have’ for women as well as men. It not only hides the blemishes of the face but also helps in getting toned skin. The biggest advantage of using BB cream is that you do not need to use anything else with it.

Under eye cream

The area under the eyes shows aging and stress. To fix this, first of all, you have to start with good sleep and good food. Along with this, you have to use under eye cream daily which will give you a fresh and young look.

Hair volume spray

Hair thinning is a very serious problem which is faced by people of all classes. Thin hair makes you old before age, to solve this problem you need a good hair volume spray. It gives bounce and volume to the hair. Avoid water and rain after using it.

Anti-aging products

Anti-aging creams, face washes and moisturisers are ideal products for aging people. It tightens your skin and makes your face glow. The problem of wrinkles gets solved.

Face mist

Face mist is the perfect cosmetic product to keep your face fresh after getting ready. They act as a ‘sealing agent’ on your face. Applying face mist after the product used on the face locks the skin completely and you can look fresh for at least 8 hours.

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