School Education Department | Enhancing Transparency: Revised Selection Procedure for Teaching Staff in Private Management Schools

Pune : School Education Department | In an effort to enhance transparency and ensure merit-based selection, the school education department has announced a revision in the selection process for teaching staff in private management schools. Previously, candidates with the highest marks in the aptitude and intelligence test were directly selected for education servant positions. However, the new procedure aims to provide equal opportunities and eliminate malpractices by making candidates available for interviews in a ratio of 1:3 for each vacancy, instead of the previous 1:10 ratio.


The decision was prompted by a petition filed in the High Court against the initial selection process. Concerns were raised regarding the challenges in maintaining transparency and avoiding corruption with the 1:10 ratio. To address these issues while respecting the rights of private institutions, the government decided to revise the recruitment process. Under the new guidelines, the selection list of candidates with the highest marks will be published online, considering priority order, marks, medium, category, and subject. Additionally, a standard procedure for interviews and teaching skills will be prepared.


The move towards a more transparent selection process has been widely welcomed by education stakeholders. Santosh Magar, President of the DTed BEd Students Association, expressed his support for the government’s decision, highlighting its potential to prevent corruption in educational institutions. By increasing fairness and meritocracy, the revised procedure is expected to attract high-quality candidates and ensure that the most deserving individuals are selected for teaching positions.


The emphasis on interviews and teaching skills will further assess candidates beyond their academic performance, allowing schools to evaluate their potential and suitability for the job. This holistic approach to recruitment is a positive step towards improving the overall quality of education and maintaining high standards in private management schools across the state.


With the implementation of the revised selection process, the government aims to foster transparency, discourage malpractices, and create a level playing field for aspiring teachers. By upholding the principles of meritocracy and fairness, the education department seeks to strengthen the private education sector and promote excellence in teaching.


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