Registration and Stamp Department | Pune to Introduce ‘Token’ System in Document Registration Offices to Ease Citizen’s Hassles

Pune : Registration and Stamp Department | Citizens in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad areas have been facing numerous difficulties when visiting document registration offices, including inadequate facilities, lack of space, and server issues. To address these concerns and provide relief to citizens, a ‘token’ system will be introduced on an experimental basis in 27 secondary registrar offices in the city starting from July 15. If successful, this system will be permanently implemented in both Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad from August 15.


The condition of secondary registrar offices has been a cause for concern, with citizens and lawyers encountering problems such as insufficient infrastructure, lack of water and toilets, limited space, and server downtime. In response, Stamp Collectors have taken the initiative to improve the situation by conducting meetings with employees and officers.


The ‘token’ system was previously in place until 2015 but was discontinued. However, due to the growing number of property transactions in Pune, the volume of deed registrations has significantly increased, resulting in frequent server outages. To tackle this issue, the registration and stamp duty department has announced the reintroduction of the ‘token’ system on a trial basis from July 15.


Employees have undergone training to implement the ‘token’ system effectively. A portion of the daily tokens will be reserved for elderly or sick individuals, and subsequent tokens will be available online. This means that citizens will no longer need to visit the secondary registrar’s office early in the morning for registration. The registration process typically takes around 15 to 20 minutes per shift. The registration and stamp duty department has assured that the overall process will not be time-consuming if parties thoroughly review their documents, stamp duty requirements, and ensure accurate data entry before obtaining the token.


Additionally, efforts are being made to address the lack of amenities in some of the 27 sub-registrar offices. Meetings have been conducted with employees and officers, and instructions have been given to work on alternative measures. The ‘token’ system will be implemented as a pilot project from July 15, aiming to alleviate the difficulties faced by citizens during document registration.


The introduction of the ‘token’ system is expected to streamline the registration process, reduce waiting times, and improve overall efficiency. It is a positive step towards enhancing citizen experience and ensuring a smoother document registration process in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad.


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