Pune Police Damini Squad | Taking a Stand Against Injustice: The Impact of Damini Squads in Pune

Pune : Pune Police Damini Squad | Increasing safety and security for women in Pune, the Damini squads have taken strong measures against incidents of injustice and harassment. With the aim of creating a safer environment for girls in schools and colleges, these squads are actively involved in counseling students and taking strict action against offenders. The recent attack on a young woman in Sadashiv Peth has prompted the Police Commissioner to order all police stations to prioritize women’s safety.


To ensure the safety of girls, the Damini squads have increased their presence in schools and colleges. They patrol the areas during peak hours, offering counseling to students and creating awareness about self-defense and reporting incidents of harassment. Complaint boxes have been installed in educational institutions, allowing girls to report any incidents anonymously. The police are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of complainants.


The Damini squads comprise dedicated women police personnel who are trained to handle sensitive cases. Their regular interactions with students help foster a sense of security among girls. By taking action against road romeos and perpetrators of harassment, the squads are effectively curbing incidents of molestation.

Each Damini team consists of two women policemen from the Bharosa Cell of the Crime Branch and one woman employee from the local police station. Currently, there are 40 Damini teams deployed across the city. Their performance is closely monitored by the Deputy Commissioners of Police in the Crime Branch and relevant police circles.


The presence of the Damini squads and increased patrolling has instilled a sense of security among college girls. While some road romeos may still lurk around the campuses, the vigilant efforts of the women police personnel have made a significant impact. The squads, along with helpline numbers specifically designated for women and children, provide an accessible means for reporting any concerns or incidents.


The squad’s counseling sessions and active presence in educational institutions have played a crucial role in raising awareness and preventing incidents of harassment. With ongoing efforts and the support of the community, Pune aims to create an environment where every woman feels safe and empowered.


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