Pune police imposes rules on Dhol-Tasha Pathaks this Ganeshotsav


Vishal Chaudhari


‘Ganesh Festival’ (Ganesh Utsav) is one of the biggest festivals in Maharashtra. People of Pune are very enthusiastic about it every year. People have already started making arrangements, decorations for it.

Meanwhile, Pune police are thinking to set new rules for Dhol- Tasha Pathaks. The main attraction of rallies of Ganapati Festival is Pune’s Dhol- Tasha Pathaks. Pune Dhol Pathaks are famous all over the Maharashtra as it is the main attraction of this festival.

Even many foreigners come to India to see this festival of Pune which represents the Maharashtrian culture. Ganpati Mandals starts practicing to play drums or dhols one to two months before this festival. As well as there are some special competitions held for these Dhol-Pathaks and people seems very enthusiastic about it. Specially the youngsters go crazy about it every year.

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Lord Ganesha is worshipped by everyone to seek blessings on this festival. Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra which is famous for its ‘Dhol- Tasha Pathaks’ in Ganpati Festival or teams who play drums on this occasion which is a trend in Pune.

By considering the people’s demand and their  interest most of the Mandals increases the team of their Dhol Pathak. But now Pune Police has set down some new rules and regulations about out it, and it will be finalized after two days.

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According to the rules of Pune Police, there will be a maximum of 52 members in one Dhol Pathak. This limit has set down by Police. As well as, Manachae Ganpati  should not include more than three Dhol- Pathaks in their rallies. Whereas other Mandals can include more than two Dhol Pathaks while arranging rallies.

As well as there is a possibility of a new rule from Police this occasion, to keep the speakers on up to 12 am in last five days of this festival. Police are thinking on it whether to implement it or not.

Police officers are discussing on this topic to set down new rules and guidelines for Dhol- Tasha Pathaks’. There will be a meeting between Pune Police and Ganpati Mandals and it will be finalized in two days.


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