FICCI Flo Pune Chapter Hosts Successful Fundraiser Golf Tournament for Women Empowerment

Pune: In a resounding display of support for women’s empowerment, the FICCI Flo Pune Chapter organised a groundbreaking fundraiser golf tournament at the picturesque Pune Golf Club Yerawada. Led by FICCI Mahila Aaghadi Pune Chapter President Pinky Rajpal, the event received widespread acclaim for its dedication to uplifting women from caddies families.

Marking a significant milestone for the FICCI Pune Chapter, the tournament garnered enthusiastic participation from across the nation. Players from Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai converged at the Poona Club Golf Course to lend their support to the noble cause. Notable figures such as Pune City Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar and Deepak Gulati from Bridgestone graced the event, endorsing the initiative with their presence and playing 18 holes.

Amidst spirited competition over 18 holes, players showcased exceptional skill and camaraderie. The triumphant team, consisting of Sheikh Nasir, Himanshu Kalia, Kashmiri Shivam, and Sunil Mudgal, clinched victory, while the runner-up team, led by Gangal Sumedh, displayed commendable teamwork and sportsmanship. Mr. Sanil Handa, President of Poona Club, and the club committee extended their full support to the event.

The tournament’s success was further accentuated by a series of side events, adding to the excitement and camaraderie on the course. Notable highlights included Nitesh Shinde’s remarkable putt on hole 18 and Ishan Kanoi and Anke Kikereke’s outstanding performances in the longest drive category.

As the sun set on the tournament, Puna Golf Club Captain Ikram Khan, alongside Pinky Rajpal and Anita Rajiv Agarwal, celebrated the event’s triumph. Their collaborative efforts, bolstered by the unwavering support of FICCI women members and distinguished players, epitomised a collective commitment to empowerment and solidarity.

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