Pune: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Senior Leader Vasant More Resigns Amidst Allegations of Party’s Internal Turmoil (Videos)

Pune: Vasant More, a prominent and assertive leader of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), resigned from his party membership and all associated positions on Tuesday. His abrupt resignation has created ripples in political circles in the city. More, known for his dynamic leadership, cited the prevalence of dirty politics within the party’s ranks as the primary reason behind his departure, shaking the foundation of the party just ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

In a letter addressed to MNS party president Raj Thackeray today, More expressed his disillusionment with the party’s internal workings, particularly highlighting instances of anti-party activities perpetuated by certain office bearers in the city. Allegations of harassment against dedicated party activists, who tirelessly work towards bolstering the party’s local presence and advancement, further fuelled More’s decision to sever ties with the organisation.

The timing of More’s resignation aligns closely with the party’s recent decision not to contest the Pune Lok Sabha elections, a move that More reportedly opposed. Speculation suggests that More was preparing to contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections on the MNS ticket. However, a report submitted by city party officials to Raj Thackeray indicated a lack of sufficient strength within the party to mount a credible electoral challenge, prompting More to relinquish his party membership in protest.

Having served as the party’s regional general secretary, More has been a senior leader within the MNS since its inception. More has won three consecutive elections of the Municipal Corporation from the Katraj area. He has also held positions such as Leader of Opposition and Group Leader within the municipality. Three years ago, he was also elected as the party’s city president.

However, tensions between More and the party leadership escalated following his public dissent against Raj Thackeray’s stance on the issue of loudspeakers in mosques, leading to his removal from the post of city president three years ago. At that time, there were also talks that he would leave the party; however, his subsequent meeting with Raj Thackeray mitigated differences of opinion between them, and More was given the post of general secretary of the party and was also entrusted with the responsibility of the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency afterwards.

Even after that, the discord between him and city party officials persisted. The recent revelation of the party’s decision not to contest elections in the city further exacerbated the divide, ultimately prompting More to sever ties with the party, attributing his decision to the prevailing culture of dirty intra-party politics.

Fuelling speculation about his future political endeavours, More’s recent meetings with NCP-SP chief Sharad Pawar and Baramati MP Supriya Sule have led to conjecture regarding a potential transition to the NCP. However, More remains tight-lipped about his future plans, emphasising his intent to consult with party activists before charting his next course of action.

When asked about his recent decision, More said, “I got an opportunity to work in MNS since the formation of the party. I have constantly fought for the growth of the party inside and outside the municipal hall. But some members of the parties consistently played the role of opposition against me. As a result, the workers who came with me also suffered. It is disturbing that the office-bearers have taken on the role of not contesting the elections when we are ready to fight with the opposition parties in the Lok Sabha. Therefore, I have decided to leave the party. After discussing with the party workers and supporters, I will announce the next roles in the next couple of days.”

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