Wrestlers Rally Behind Muralidhar Mohol in Pune Lok Sabha Campaign; Decided to Campaign for Mohol (Videos)

Pune: In a display of solidarity and unwavering support, thousands of wrestlers from Pune and surrounding areas have pledged their allegiance to Muralidhar Mohol, a former wrestler and BJP Mahayuti alliance candidate vying for the Pune Lok Sabha seat. Mohol’s roots in the wrestling community have galvanised his fellow friends into wrestling, prompting them to embark on an extensive door-to-door campaign to bolster his electoral prospects.

Mohol’s journey from the wrestling arena to the political fray has garnered immense enthusiasm among wrestlers across the Kolhapur and Pune regions, many of whom have rallied behind him to ensure his victory in the upcoming elections. A comprehensive action plan spanning 45 days has been devised to mobilise support and amplify Mohol’s outreach efforts.

A gathering of esteemed wrestlers, including Maharashtra Kesari Vicky Bankar and Hind Kesari Yogesh Dodke, convened at the Ambar Hall on Karve Road to strategize and lend their unequivocal support to Mohol’s campaign. Notable attendees in this meeting are Deepak Mankar, Bapusaheb Pathare, Vikas Dangat, Appa Renuse, Shukracharya Wanjale, Baba Kandare, Hanumant Gawde, Yogesh Dodke, Sandeep Bhondve, Vilas Kathure, Dnyaneshwar Mangde, Vijay Bankar, Shivraj Rakshe, Rajesh Barguje, Santosh Garud, Nitin Dangat, Rambhau Saswade, Pankaj Harpude, Mahesh Mohol, Raju Mohol, Tatya Parthade, Abhijit Andhalkar, Vijay Jadhav, Amol Barate, and Shivaji Tangde, among others, who emphasised the significance of Mohol’s candidature and pledged their collective efforts towards securing his triumph at the polls.

Reflecting on the momentous occasion, Maharashtra Kesari Vicky Bankar remarked, “The direct representation of a wrestler in Delhi is a matter of immense pride for our community. It is incumbent upon us to ensure Mohol’s victory, and we are mobilising thousands of wrestlers to actively participate in the campaign.”

Echoing these sentiments, Hind Kesari Yogesh Dodke expressed optimism in Mohol’s ability to champion the concerns of wrestlers and advocate for their interests in Parliament. “Mohol’s nomination symbolises a victory for our entire wrestling fraternity. We stand united in our support for his candidature,” Dodke affirmed.

In response, Muralidhar Mohol expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support extended by his fellow wrestlers, emphasising their integral role in shaping his electoral campaign. “The unity demonstrated by my wrestler friends is a testament to our collective strength. I am humbled by their unwavering commitment to our shared cause,” Mohol remarked.

Amidst fervent enthusiasm and determination, wrestler Appa Renuse underscored the significance of actively engaging in grassroots campaigning to ensure Mohol’s resounding success. “Mohol’s candidature signifies a momentous opportunity for wrestlers to assert their presence on the political stage. Through diligent door-to-door outreach, we aim to secure a substantial vote share for Mohol,” Renuse asserted.

Wrestler Deepak Mankar said, “With the strength of wrestlers standing behind Mohol, we believe that he will get a record number of votes. We all have come together with faith, and this election is not for Muralidhar Mohol, but for our wrestlers.”

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