Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut Fires Salvos at Ajit Pawar and Fadnavis, Challenges Opponents Ahead of Indapur Campaign Rally

If You Threaten People in Baramati, Then Road to Mumbai is Ours, Sanjay Raut Warned Opponents at Indapur Rally

Pune: In a fiery campaign rally held today in Indapur, Shiv Sena’s MP, Sanjay Raut, launched scathing attacks on Ajit Pawar and his faction while rallying support for Mahavikas Aghadi candidate Supriya Sule. Amidst a charged atmosphere, Raut spared no punches, accusing Pawar’s camp of resorting to intimidation tactics and threatening voters in the run-up to the elections.

Addressing the gathering, Raut lambasted Ajit Pawar and his associates, alleging coercion and intimidation of attendees at Pawar’s rallies. “People are being threatened here by some group of people. They are being intimidated. But threats are being given by cowards. If you have the guts, come ahead and contest the election on your courage,” Raut declared.

Raut further warned Pawar’s camp against such tactics, asserting their dominance over the political landscape. “If you threaten people here in Baramati, then do not forget, you have to come to Mumbai. The roads to Mumbai and Thane are ours,” he asserted, emphasising the resolve of Shiv Sena to confront any attempts at coercion or intimidation.

Turning his ire towards the opposition, Raut criticised their alleged reliance on underhanded tactics instead of engaging in fair electoral contests. “If you have the courage, then contest the election on equal footing and get elected. People who have worked demand votes based on their work. But if someone is threatening for votes, it clearly shows they have done nothing while being in power,” Raut remarked, denouncing the alleged misuse of power for electoral gains.

In a direct jab at former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Raut predicted an imminent change in political fortunes. “Fadnavis took pride in splitting two parties to form a government. But I want to tell him that in the next few months, neither you will remain in power in the state nor Narendra Modi will remain in power in the centre. ” Then we will clear all your dues. You are taking the help of central agencies to break the parties and continue your illegal activities. But tomorrow, these agencies will come into our hands. Then we will see how your party will function?,” said Raut.

In a strategic move, Raut also appealed to Harshavardhan Patil for support. “Patil is a good friend of ours. For the past few days, they might not have slept well because of the dilemma of campaigning for their earlier opponent, Ajit Pawar. Those who have self-respect will not work against Maharashtra,” Raut emphasised, urging Patil to join forces with Mahavikas Aghadi in the battle for Maharashtra’s identity and self-respect.

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