Pune: Balgandharva Rangamandir Reopens After Renovation, Receives Rave Reviews from Audiences

Pune: After being closed for renovation for the past one to one and a half months, the Balgandharva Rangamandir has finally reopened its doors to the public on March 28. The refurbished auditorium has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from citizens, marking a new chapter for the iconic cultural venue.

Previously, concerns were raised regarding inadequate facilities in the makeup rooms, mosquito infestations, and hygiene issues, highlighting the urgent need for renovations. The voices of Marathi theatre artists and actors brought these issues to the forefront, drawing widespread attention.

Following discussions with stakeholders, including artists, municipal consultants, and officials, the then Pune city’s guardian minister, Chandrakant Patil, ordered the immediate renovation of the auditorium. The result of this effort is evident as the Balgandharva auditorium now stands rejuvenated, much to the delight of audiences and theatre practitioners alike.

Vikas Dhakane, former additional commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation, remarked, “We have collaborated closely with theatre artists and municipal consultants to devise renovation plans for the auditorium. Changes in seating arrangements and the introduction of new facilities are among the notable improvements.”

As part of the renovation, the auditorium has been infused with elements of greenery, including numerous plant pots and small trees. Additionally, efforts are underway to beautify the surroundings, with plans for the installation of various artworks in the exterior areas. While work outside the auditorium is ongoing, the interior renovations have been completed.

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