Pune: Bail Granted to Accused in Siddharth Hadge Murder Case Sparks Outrage

Pune: In a shocking turn of events, accused Lalit Pawan Wangari, Vaibhav Shahapurkar, and Yash Chavan have been granted bail by Additional Sessions Court Judge V. D. Nimbalkar in the murder case of Siddharth Hadge. The incident, which occurred on November 20, 2023, saw Hadge brutally stabbed with a machete on the terrace of the Kazi Building in the Ganesh Peth area.

The accused, alleged members of the Andekar gang, were granted bail within a month of the heinous crime, causing outrage among the public and raising questions about the judicial process. This decision comes despite the severity of the crime and the potential threat posed by the accused to society.

The incident stemmed from a previous altercation between Tushar Kunder and Siddharth Nandkumar Hadge in 2021, during which Hadge allegedly assaulted Kunder and his brother. In retaliation, a group including Harshal Pawar, Ashutosh Vartle, Prathamesh Kamble, Pratik Karpekar, Samarth Vardaikar, Ashish Kundur, Vaibhav Shahapurkar, Ayush Bidkar, Lalit Wangari, and Yash Chavan confronted Hadge on the night of the incident.

Police report that in the altercation, Hadge was assaulted and ultimately killed by Ashitosh Vartle, who crushed him with a stone brought to the scene. The accused were subsequently arrested by the police in connection with the murder.

Advocate Mithun Chavan, representing the accused, successfully argued for bail, citing various legal grounds. The court accepted the arguments, granting bail to the three accused on a bond of Rs 50,000 each. Advocate Mithun Chavan was assisted by Advocate Prashant Pawar in presenting the case.

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