Pune: PMC Implements Online Software for Timely Salary and Pension Disbursement of Employees

Pune: In a bid to streamline the salary and pension distribution process, the Municipal Corporation has introduced an online software system, ensuring that approximately 25,000 officers, teachers, and employees receive their dues promptly. The initiative aims to provide employees with timely salaries and ensure pension payments immediately upon retirement.

Additional Commissioner Ravindra Binwade informed that the Municipal Corporation has developed an online software platform, wherein the data of all employees has been recorded. Each employee can access their information through a designated login ID.

With around 16,000 permanent officers and employees in the Municipal Corporation and an additional 4,000 on a contractual basis, along with 5,000 teachers, officers, and employees in the Municipal Board of Education, the software caters to a substantial workforce. Moreover, pensions for approximately 20,000 retired municipal employees are also being managed through this system.

To ensure accuracy and efficiency, the corporation has appointed department-wise bill clerks responsible for preparing the monthly payroll, factoring in vacations, leaves, and other relevant details of each employee. Subsequently, the monthly salary is directly deposited into the bank accounts of the concerned individuals based on their pay slip.

Facing delays in salary bill submissions and subsequent payments due to the sheer volume of employees, the Municipal Corporation took decisive action last year to create dedicated software for salary and pension management.

The software hosts comprehensive employee information, including pay scales, allowances, and service book records. Efforts are underway to finalise the uploading of pensioner data, with the administration rigorously testing and refining the system over the past three months.

Binwade emphasised that the software is designed to empower employees, allowing them to access salary bills and service book details conveniently from their mobile phones. Each employee will receive a login ID linked to their Aadhaar number and employee ID, enabling them to submit leave applications online and track their service book status in real-time.

Furthermore, retiring employees will receive advanced guidance regarding the necessary documents and departmental clearances required for pension processing, streamlining the pension application process. This proactive approach aims to minimise delays in pension disbursement and ensure retirees receive their entitlements without undue delay.

Even as the new financial year commences on April 1, the corporation plans to transition to the new software for salary payments starting from May while maintaining the existing salary system for the previous two months. Binwade also announced plans to conduct training sessions for all officers and employees to familiarise them with the new software, ensuring smooth implementation and efficient operation.

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