I was not confident that Dhangekar would win Kasba Peth bypoll, says Sharad Pawar

Pune : NpNews24 Online  – NCP Chief Sharad Pawar | The newly-elected MLA of Kasba Peth today met NCP Chief Sharad Pawar. Dhangekar won the Kasba Peth bypoll by snatching the seat from BJP after 28 years. “I was not confident that Dhangekar will win the bypoll. The MVA put up a united front in Kasba Peth. BJP took decisions by ignoring Bapat and Tilak. The people also wanted a change and everyone should come together for the change,” Pawar said. (NCP Chief Sharad Pawar)


“The common man was saying that MVA candidate will win from Kasba Peth but I was not confident. Narayan Peth and Shaniwar Peth are BJP strongholds. Hence, I was not sure that we would win in Kasba Peth. Girish Bapat represented this constituency for many years. He used to mix with the common man and he had close ties with BJP and their leaders. He also had good relations with those who did not have any ties with BJP. Hence, I thought that we would have a tough time in His constituency. But the combination of factors like the best candidate, candidate’s work, parties’ support and united front of MVA helped us to win the bypoll,” he said.


“The people in Maharashtra want a change and people should come together. Devendra Fadnavis said that Dhangekar’s victory was a personal win. It does not matter. He admitted that we had given the ticket to Dhangekar because of a vision. Fadnavis used to speak something else in his speeches before the bypoll. Now, there is a qualitative difference. This is good thing. People voted for Dhangekar because of his work for last 30 years,” he said.


Nine leaders of various parties have sent a letter to PM Narendra Modi. Speaking on this issue, Pawar said, “The first signature on this letter is mine. People come to Delhi from outside to see the work done by Kejriwal government for schools. Rahul Gandhi went abroad and spoke the truth. What is wrong in that? The opposition leaders must unite by taking the Congress Party in their fold. The Congress Party is an important party in the country.”


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