Holi 2023- Actress Kashika Kapoor shows her concern for stray animals on Holi says, “This Holi we must behave like humans and protect the strays”

NpNews24 Online  – Kashika Kapoor | This month, there seems to be something in the air. It’s a time for joyful colours and fun! Holi is one of the most celebrated holidays in India, but occasionally, people have a tendency to include the tiny ones without voices in the fun as well, which has to stop. During Holi, strays endure a lot of suffering. There is no denying that most modern households have pets and are protective of them, yet every year it is noted that some people abuse stray animals for entertainment. Being the proud mom of a wonderful fur baby, Kashika Kapoor, one of the Bollywood industry’s actors, expresses her concern about the situation.


Kashika Kapoor who is often seen showing concern for stray animals over their adoption and treatments and who also showers love on her fur baby Gucci expresses her inner thoughts over the issue of animal torture during festivities for the sake of fun and joy. The actress says, ” Although we as people have the ability to communicate emotion, those young animals lack the maturity to know who to trust, and we have repeatedly let them down. Holi is, in fact, all about colour and celebration, but it’s not for everyone.. If one wants to show his/her love and concern, then either foster them for some days or at least protect them from the harmful chemicals.”


Over the years, there have been several cases where people put permanent colors on animals for fun, which later react with the animal’s skin leading to various skin infections and other hazards. “We must behave like humans and protect the strays” the concerned actress stated.


Kashika also said, “I am not saying that don’t play Holi; it’s just that be careful and take care of them because it is just a day of fun and splash of colors for us but for them it will leave a lifetime problem or any specific disease over it. So i request everyone to have a happy, safe, and peaceful Holi.


Indeed, the words and the concern that the actress has expressed for the animals is something that we all should try our best to follow a bit, and we are proud of this young talent like Kashika Kapoor who is proudly and openly spreading the message of kindness all over.




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