UK again imposes fresh lockdown after rising cases of new coronavirus strain

London : The new strain of the coronavirus in the UK is continuously rising and the situation is becoming critical. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson re-imposed a lockdown in England on Monday, in view of the growing threat of Coronavirus new strains and the increasing number of patients in hospitals. Boris Johnson said that we have decided to introduce a new stay-at-home lockdown in the war against Corona by at least mid-February to prevent new strains of the deadly Coronavirus from spreading.

Boris Johnson said that since the epidemic occurred last year, the United Kingdom is fully engaged in an effort to fight against Corona and there is no doubt that our collective efforts are working in the fight against the old virus and we will continue to do it consistently. But now we have a new strain of coronavirus which is more infectious and dangerous than the previous virus which is spreading rapidly.

Johnson said people would have to stay home once again, as they were ordered to do in the first wave of the pandemic in March, as the new virus is spreading very dangerously at the moment. Our hospitals are under high pressure due to Corona’s new virus and this is the first time since the epidemic. He said that schools, colleges and universities will remain closed from Tuesday and all these will run online. People will be able to go out of their homes only for essential items.

Prime Minister Boris, addressing the country on Monday night, said that as new infection cases are increasing, it has become clear that we need to work harder. We need a national lockdown in England as this drastic move against Corona’s new strain is enough. This means that the government is once again directing you to stay at home. A lockdown has been announced in Scotland already before the announcement in England. Wales and Northern Ireland, the other two nations of the United Kingdom, were already under lockdown.

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