Top 5 controversial statements by Jain monk Tarun Saagar




After, the demise of Digamabar Jain Monk Tarun Saagar, people all over the country have been reacting in various ways. The 51-year old monk even after his death has left the people with discussions among them.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh also tweeted expressing their grief on his demise “Deeply pained by the untimely demise of Muni Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj. We will always remember him for his rich ideas, compassion, and contribution to society. His noble teachings will continue inspiring people. My thoughts are with the Jain community and his countless disciples”.

The Madhya Pradesh born Jain monk left his house in the age of 13 and walked towards the path of spirituality, he has always remained in controversies due to his ‘Kadve Pravachan’ or bitter discourses. He being a Jain monk, had end number of followers including the ‘non-Jains’.

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Right from the Haryana Assembly held in 2016 where he was called for a speech to his interviews he had been in news. He had been making critical statements to bring a change in the society related to terrorism, caste, social and nation related issues. People across the country have loved him for his thoughts and beliefs while some have criticized him.

Comments which have made him hit the headlines are:

  1. Social: “A husband is like politics and the wife is like dharma and that the ‘wife’ must accept the orders of the husband.” He ordered the Indian girls and women to follow the path of their respective husbands, which maintained the dignity of Indian women which is the requirement of Indian society.
  2. Religious: “India will become the second Pakistan”, he warned the countrymen, to stop raising traitors in India, as the country itself has the number of terrorists rather than terrorists of Pakistan. And, more traitors are taking a baby step towards the destruction of the nation.
  3. Terrorism: “Muslims should not invade our country which will lead to terrorism”. He said to stop terrorism from prevailing, it is important for the nation to take action against the invasion of Muslims in India. 
  4. Corruption: “Every third Indian national is corrupt and only 10 percent of Indians seem to be honest”. The remaining 50 to 60 percent Indians, he says, are “on the verge” of becoming corrupt.
  5. Feminism: “Indian girls are being turned into Muslims”. He made such statement during the cases of Triple Talaaq constantly be hitting the headlines. He said women are being ditched by men after assuring them, true love.
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