Pune: Sharad Pawar Replied to Ajit Pawar’s Statement: “It Is Not Our Way to Coerce People for Votes”

Pune: On Wednesday, April 17, Ajit Pawar attended a gathering of doctors in Indapur. While speaking in front of doctors, Ajit Pawar said, “We would not fall short on giving you funds for development work. But for that, you need to press buttons on EVM machines.” At that time, Pawar also warned them that if they did not listen to him, he would hesitate while giving them funds.

After this, many opponents targeted Ajit Pawar for threatening the voters with funds. Amidst all this, Sharad Pawar also took jabs at Ajit Pawar while speaking to people in Kanheri.

Sharad Pawar said, “Lots of people said something. However, I do not want to escalate the controversy. I do not want any struggle. But all you have to do is press the right button.”

“Yesterday, someone spoke about how to press buttons. But I would not say that. I do not want to go deep into that. However, it is not our way to ask for votes by threatening people. Our way is to work among the people, empower the people, serve the people, and seek votes on the basis of it,” he added. Sharad Pawar hit out at Ajit Pawar.

Pawar further said that Modi and Fadnavis said that there is false propaganda against them regarding the changing of the constitution if they come to power. However, their own ministers make statements regarding it. He said, “The idea of changing the constitution is serious. The norms laid down by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in the form of a constitution are important to us. Therefore, we need to be aware of any such claims by people.”

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