Pune: Court tells a jobless man to take care of wife, son, to pay Rs 10,000 alimony

Pune: A woman filed an application in the court demanding alimony from her jobless husband under the Domestic Violence Act. She is an IT professional. Her father gave her a flat, where her husband and in-laws stay. Her husband does not work. She looks after her son and herself. Her husband and family members harass her mentally and physically.

The court said that her husband, even though jobless, cannot shirk away his responsibility of looking after his wife and son. He has to pay them Rs 10,000 alimony per month. JFMC, Pimpri, RM Giri issued the directive recently.

Rahul and Leena (names changed) got married in 2018. Leena is an employee of an IT company. The complainant was under the impression that her husband was doing share trading since their marriage. They were blessed with a baby boy two years after the marriage. Her husband does not earn for his wife or son. The complainant’s father gifted her a flat. However, her husband and in-laws started harassing her to transfer its ownership to them. Therefore, the woman filed an application under the Domestic Violence Act in the court through her lawyer Adv Prasad Viraj Nikam.

Arguing on behalf of the complainant, Adv Nikam said, “The court is of the view that the complainant’s husband cannot shirk his responsibility of taking care of his wife and son. Not looking after one’s wife, insulting her, not providing her food amount to domestic violence.”

The court upheld Adv Nikam’s arguments and approved the alimony application. Adv Nikam was assisted by Adv Mansoor Tamboli, Adv Tanmay Dev and Adv Shubham Bobade.


A man has to look after his wife and children after the marriage. In this case, however, the woman was looking after her child and husband. Her husband was merely harassing her and was doing nothing. The court has made the man understand his responsibilities and approved the woman’s application for alimony.

–Adv Prasad Viraj Nikam, woman’s lawyer.

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