BJP Leader Sanjay Kakade Expresses Displeasure Over Pune Lok Sabha Candidate Nomination (Videos)

Pune: The nomination of Muralidhar Mohol by the Mahayuti alliance for the Pune Lok Sabha elections has sparked discontent within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), as senior party leader Sanjay Kakade publicly expressed his dissatisfaction over the choice of candidate. While Kakade refrained from demanding a change in candidate, he made it clear that he aspires for the Pune Lok Sabha seat and is disappointed with the BJP’s decision.

The rift came to light just days after Mohol’s cordial meeting with Kakade, during which Kakade extended congratulations and offered a warm welcome. However, Kakade’s sentiments shifted following the announcement of Mohol’s candidature, prompting him to voice his grievances on social media platforms. Emphasising his decade-long dedication to the party, Kakade underscored his natural interest in contesting for the Pune Lok Sabha seat.

In a Facebook post, Kakade detailed his meeting with Maharashtra Public Works Minister Ravindra Chavan, during which he candidly conveyed the realities of the Pune Lok Sabha constituency and articulated his disappointment with the party’s decision. “Today, Maharashtra Public Works Minister, senior BJP leader, and my friend, Hon’ble Ravindra Chavan, met me at my residence today. At this time, I told him in detail what I had done during this time, giving all the pain in my heart and 10 years of my life’s hope to the party,” Kakade wrote in a Facebook post.

In this meeting, Chavan assured Kakade to convey all his pains and points regarding the Pune constituency to Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. “I hope the senior leaders of the party will give me due justice and take the right decision for the city of Pune,” Kakade added in his Facebook post, expressing his expectations for a fair resolution from the BJP leadership.

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