Pune: Friendship Cup Cricket Championship! Rangari Royals, Sai Power Hitters, Shivamudra Blasters, and Guruji Talim Titans Secure Semi Final Berths

Pune: In a thrilling display of cricketing prowess, teams Rangari Royals, Sai Power Hitters, Shivamudra Blasters, and Guruji Talim Titans emerged victorious in the ‘Friendship Cup’ cricket championship, propelling themselves into the highly anticipated semi finals of the competition. Organised by the Punit Balan Group, the tournament features teams representing Pune’s Ganapati Mandal, Navratri Mandal, Dhol-Tasha teams, and media professionals, adding a unique flavour to the cricketing extravaganza.

At L. R. Shinde High School ground in Sahakarnagar, the Rangari Royals showcased their dominance, securing a commanding victory over the Mahalakshmi Mavericks by a margin of 22 runs. Spearheaded by Harnish Dani’s stellar bowling performance, Rangari Royals successfully defended their total of 81 runs, with Kailas Vyas and Sumit Janapure contributing significantly to the team’s batting effort.

Similarly, the Sai Power Hitters delivered a clinical performance, overpowering Sriram Pathak by seven wickets due to an all-round display by Prathamesh Gowalkar. Gowalkar’s exemplary performance with both bat and ball proved pivotal in securing victory for his team, as they comfortably chased down the target set by Sriram Pathak.

Meanwhile, the Shivamudra Blasters exhibited their dominance on the field, routing the Dagdusheth Warriors by eight wickets with a remarkable bowling display led by Rohit Khilare. Khilare’s incisive bowling spell, clinching four wickets for a mere three runs, restricted the Dagdusheth Warriors to a modest total of 39 runs, paving the way for the Shivamudra Blasters’ comprehensive victory.

In another closely contested encounter, the Guruji Talim Titans secured their spot in the semifinals by narrowly edging past Nadbramha Sarvavadak by a margin of seven runs. Bhavesh Raccha’s stellar performance played a crucial role in guiding the Guruji Talim Titans to victory, highlighting the competitive spirit and determination exhibited by all participating teams.

Brief Results of Matches on Day 4:

  1. Rangari Royals vs. Mahalaxmi Mavericks:

Rangari Royals: 81 for 3 in 8 overs (Kailas Vyas 34, Sumit Janapure 26, Aditya Phatak 1-9, Omkar Pailwan 1-9).
Mahalaxmi Mavericks: 59 for 5 in 8 overs (Rahul Bhikule 10, Vivek Jambhulkar 10, Harnish Dani 2-12).
Man of the Match: Harnish Dani

  1. Sriram Pathak vs. Sai Power Hitters:

Sriram Pathak: 59 runs for 9 wickets in 8 overs (Yashraj Pardeshi 25, Prathamesh Gowalkar 2-6, Humed Khan 2-20).
Sai Power Hitters: 63 runs for 3 wickets in 5.5 overs (Nagesh Avghade 25, Prathamesh Gowalkar 15, Sanjay Kalokhe 15, Abhijeet Katwate 2-12).
Man of the Match: Prathamesh Gowalkar

  1. Dagdusheth Warriors vs. Shivamudra Blasters:

Dagdusheth Warriors: 39 runs for 10 wickets in 6.4 overs (Abhishek Gharmalkar 11, Prakash Chavan 11, Rohit Khilare 4-3, Tushar Sour 2-5, Rupak Tubaji 2-13)
Shivamudra Blasters: 40 runs for 2 wickets in 5.2 overs (Aditya Ashtaputre 15, Tushar Ambat 15, Prakash Chavan 1-10)
Man of the Match: Rohit Khilare

  1. Guruji Talim Titans vs. Nadbramha Sarvavadak

Guruji Talim Titans: 81 for 7 in 8 overs (Rahul Vyas 20, Sushil Phale 15, Bhavesh Raccha 18, Ranveer Pardeshi 15, Rohan Pawar 2-14)
Nadbramha Sarvavadak: 74 for 4 in 8 overs (Sanket Kand 41, Harish Goyal 13 not out, Bhavesh Raccha 1-16, Sushil Phale 1-17)
Man of the Match: Bhavesh Raccha

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