Shocking! Two College Girls Raped by Giving Drugs and Beer in Rajgurunagar; Police Detained Two Accused Under POCSO

Pune: A startling incident has come to light in Rajgurunagar, Pune, where three people raped two minor girls by taking them to a lodge and injecting them with drugs to satisfy their lust. The accused forcibly took them to a lodge in Pune, where both the girls were forcibly given alcohol and drugs. This incident took place on Tuesday night.

In this regard, a complaint has been registered against three accused at Khed Police Station. According to the information, on Tuesday night, three accused forcibly took the two minor girls to a lodge and sexually assaulted them by injecting them with drugs and forcing them to drink alcohol. The next morning, when the drunken girls returned home, their parents noticed this matter.

Realising the seriousness of the matter, they immediately rushed to the police station and filed a complaint against three accused, of whom one is a minor, at Khed Police Station. These boys and girls live and study at the college in the Rajgurunagar area.

Acting on the complaint, Khed police registered a case against the accused under POCSO and detained two accused. However, the main mastermind behind this crime has been absconding, and police are searching for him. According to the police, the prime accused is a drug supplier, and police are investigating how many people he has supplied drugs to so far.

Police Inspector Rajkumar Kendre of Khed police station is conducting further investigation into the case.

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