Pune Crime News | Rejection in relationship, assault by sharp weapons: Psychiatrists point out why violence is increasing in youths

PUNE : Pune Crime News | Since everything is easily available for the young generation, they don’t know how to accept a rejection or a no. Many people expect that everything should happen as per their wish in a relationship. But when things go against them, then an extreme step is taken in a fit of anger. Psychiatrists have observed that incidents of youngsters getting depressed after facing rejection in a relationship, feeling lonely and taking wrong decisions out of depression have increased.


Two incidents which took place in the city have underlined the fact that girls should not be taken for granted and youths should learn to accept rejection to avoid the journey towards becoming a criminal.

In Sadashiv Peth, a youth chased a girl on Tuesday at 9.45 am and attacked her with a sickle. The Darshana Pawar murder case is still fresh in people’s minds wherein a girl was killed because she rejected a marriage proposal. Psychiatrists have highlighted that it is necessary to understand how to nurture relationships against the background of increasing crimes being registered based on relationships.



The feeling that ‘I will get what I want’ is increasing in all sections of society. Hence, if a person does not get what he wants, he tries to get it by whatever means. As a result, some youths take to crime. It should be studied from a psychiatrist’s point of view as to why a person becomes so angry. If parents find some unexpected changes in their children’s behaviour, then they should counsel them. The atmosphere in the house has a positive or negative effect on the youths. Hence, it is necessary for parents to maintain a positive atmosphere in the house, the psychiatrists said.



“Since people don’t have the habit of accepting rejection, many cannot accept rejection in a relationship. Sex education is necessary in the curriculum. Sex education will help in understanding how a man-woman relationship should be, how to control yourself and how to check negative thoughts.

Dr Ulhas Luktuke, Senior psychiatrist



“Many people have not faced rejection since childhood and they get what they want. This makes it difficult to accept a rejection. As a result, when anger becomes uncontrollable, a criminal action is taken. Sometimes, there are a lot of expectations in a relationship between couples. If they are not fulfilled, then a crime is committed. Hence, it is necessary to guide youths about relationships or affairs.

Asmita Dalvi, Clinical psychologist, YCMH



“Many people don’t know how to maintain relations. Any decision has to be taken after careful thought. Rejection provokes anger and many cannot digest grief. Depression can lead to mental health issues. Incidents of consuming sleeping tablets, thinking of dying by suicide or assaulting a person are on the rise.”

Dr Manjit Santre, psychiatrist


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