New Zealand: 3 major earthquakes in 8 hours, Tsunami warning up to 12,000 km


WELLINGTON: Three big earthquakes occurred in 8 hours on Thursday afternoon in New Zealand creating panic among people. The intensity of all three was so high that there could have been a big loss; however, there is no news of any casualties. The first earthquake was of 7.3 magnitudes. The second earthquake was 7.4 magnitudes.  And the third earthquake recorded intensity was 8.1.

Subsequently small tsunami waves were also seen in Tokomaru Bay. A tsunami alert was issued from the South Pacific to Central America. Due to the tsunami, New Zealand, Australia, Central and South America were under the threat of natural disasters.

The National Weather Service Pacific Tsunami Center has issued tsunami alerts in Australia and New Zealand. It was said that tsunami waves of 1 to three meters high could arise on the islands around New Zealand, Australia, South America and Central America. After this, people moved towards high places.

This is a very rare situation when three powerful landslides occur in less than 8 hours in an area of 482 kilometers. The distance between the first two earthquakes was very high. Both were not related to each other. But it is believed that due to the second earthquake, the third earthquake came. The reason for this is the tilting of tectonic plates.

According to New Zealand scientists, 8.1 magnitude earthquake releases 30 times more energy than a 7 magnitude earthquake. This was even more dangerous than the 8.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Peru on 26 May 2019. However, so far there has been no news of anyone being killed, injured or any kind of damage from these earthquakes.

Tsunami warnings were issued in several areas including Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Macisco, Chile, Colombia, Peru. There were apprehensions that tsunami waves could touch these areas at any time from Thursday night to Friday morning. However, so far no tsunami has been reported from any region.

The National Tsunami Warning Center assured that there was no tsunami threat in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska. A tsunami alert was issued for Hawaii but was later withdrawn. Seismologists believe that this tsunami alert was not of the level of the tsunami that occurred in Japan in 2011.

New Zealand National Emergency Management Agency had earlier warned of the rise of large waves, but it was withdrawn after a few hours. However, the agency instructed people to stay away from the coastal areas of the sea, because even if the tsunami did not come, there was a possibility of


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