Jacqueline Fernandez  takes a sneak peak of her school, shares video

New Delhi: Sri Lankan Actress Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her good looks and hardworking nature. Recently she decided to visit her school Sacred Heart as she was passing through it. Jacqueline made an impromptu visit; she sneaked into her school – as she says in the videos she shared on her Instagram stories.

Jacqueline took to Instagram to share her excitement of visiting her school. She in the video said, “So, I am passing by my school, which I haven’t seen in I don’t know how long, because then you’ll know how old I am. I don’t know how I walked in here… there’s no one here… Sacred Heart School… I miss you guys,” an excited Jacqueline can be heard saying in the video. Jacqueline also panned the camera to show the school premises and remembered playing basketball with her friends.

She further added, “it is so cool, she must make an exit soon because: “So, anyway… I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be here. So, I’m gonna run.” Jacqueline has always hesitated to publicize her graduation year initially, this time along with a video she gave in and captioned one of her Instagram stories like this: “OK fine I graduated in 2002.”

After the video of the school visit, Jacqueline Fernandez shared an adorable selfie: “Strong is the new pretty as captioned. Jacqueline going down to memory lanes shared a post which read “I got the ugliest laugh and I have the nerve to be laughing all the time”. She also revealed her school time nickname, as she said, “My high school nickname was hyena.” LOL. That’s Jacqueline for you.

For Jacqueline Fernandez her childhood is the most essential part of her life, she now and then keeps talking about days when she was young. In an interview she said, “I started working at age of 14 so I don’t really know what a day off is like.Editing and directing this film was a lot of fun, I have my tripod and lighting equipment at home, shooting content by me and being self-sufficient has been a liberating experience”.

Jacqueline Fernandez is best known for performances in Housefull 3, Race 3, Drive, Roy and Brothers, among others. She was last seen in Netflix thriller Mrs Serial Killer, which released in May. She will be next seen in Kick-2 opposite Salman Khan.

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