Meet Ksshitij Singh, an architect & entrepreneur-turned actor who’s set to rule hearts with his upcoming work endeavours

Mumbai: In today’s daily hustle and bustle, balancing and juggling between different walks of life is no cakewalk. However, when you are determined to push boundaries beyond the limit to make it count as a professional, it eventually leads to success. Well, architect and entrepreneur-turned actor Ksshitij Singh is a classic example of that. While his journey as an architect, producer and entrepreneur has always been sailing smoothly by God’s grace, Ksshitij always realized that he’s here in this world for a lot more and that’s when he decided to satiate his quench for acting and prove his mettle in this space.

He is the owner of the Production house called Ounce Feature Films (OFF) and also has his own chain of haircare, skincare and cosmetics named Ounce Foxiness Fates (OFF). The talented artiste has a slate of upcoming work endeavours that’s set to get anyone and everyone excited and inspired. On being asked about what we can expect from his end in the future, Ksshitij said and we quote,

“Well, there’s a lot happening by God’s grace and the goal is to build from here to only scale upwards. I am doing a feature film and my first look and the motion poster is set to be out very soon. As of now, it is untitled as KSO1. Not just that, OFF is coming up with 5 major companies in the market across different verticals and they are happening soon. Apart from that, there’s also a special music video that’s set to be out soon and hence, this is really a good space for me as an artiste and professional. I am excited and looking forward to my work being out and presented in front of the audience. Fingers crossed.”

Well, in today’s time when work-life balance indeed takes a toll, maintaining multiple verticals of work and building from there truly requires a lot of street-smart approach and Ksshitij certainly brings in all the elements that are needed to be successful. Here’s wishing him good luck and success going forward for all his future endeavours. Stay tuned for more updates.

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