Rahul Dev stamps his authority once again with Warning 2, receives incredible appreciation and respect for his performance

Mumbai: Rahul Dev is one artiste who has proven his calibre time and again on-screen. He’s one of the very few actors who actually adapts to changes as quickly as a chameleon and that’s why admirable for any actor indeed. He’s someone who has risen like a phoenix from the ashes on multiple times and every time people or critics tried to downplay him and his career, he’s proven them wrong like a boss. During his entire professional career, Rahul has been a part of several projects across different languages and in different mediums. While the roles he played were different, one thing that remained constant was the fact that he was lauded and admired highly for everything that he did.

Right now, the buzz and appreciation around him is super strong for Warning 2 and no brownie points for guessing that once again, Rahul Dev has lived up truly to the expectations like a real artiste. He’s pulled off a stunner from his end and that’s why, everyone right from the fans to critics are going gaga over his performance in the project. Regarding the love and appreciation that he’s currently been bestowed with, Rahul shares and we quote,

“I am extremely honoured and thrilled to receive the kind of love and appreciation I have received for Warning 2. Playing a rough and tough cop that has its own layers ain’t as easy as it may sound and well, I put my best shot forward. Ranjit Singh is a character that needed a lot of work and preparation and I am glad the efforts from my end were good enough to be liked by the audience, the people who matter the most to an artiste. Even today, the joy and appreciation after doing good work is exactly the same as how it used to be during my early days. The feeling hasn’t changed. Like always, moving to my next one with more zeal and enthusiasm and I hope I continue to make my fans and admirers proud and happy.”

Kudos to Rahul Dev for stealing the show and killing it with perfection on-screen in the Punjabi film ‘Warning 2’. Here’s wishing him good luck and success for everything that he does going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.

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