Congress Agreed in Rajya Sabha, CAA will not Take Away Anyone’s Citizenship

New Delhi : npnews24 : The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Population Register (NPR) have been projected as a crisis on citizenship among Muslims for the last two months. But on Thursday, Congress leader Kapil Sibal himself admitted inside Parliament that no one would lose citizenship from the CAA. Home Minister Amit Shah took a dig at the opposition in the Rajya Sabha and said that the Opposition is spreading rumors about the CAA, let someone tell how this will lead to snatch citizenship of any citizen?

In response to this, Congress MP Kapil Sibal said that we are not saying that the citizenship of the people will be snatched by the introduction of this bill. The law states that when there is an NPR, ten more questions will be asked. The president of the state government will go and ask them and if their answer is not found satisfactory, then ‘D’ will be put there. ‘D’ means , Doubtful. At this, Shah assured the House that there, no ‘D’ will be found. No one needs to be afraid of it. He clarified that neither any document will be sought in the NPR nor any question will be raised for not answering any question.

Shah said that Kapil Sibal is a very big advocate of the Supreme Court. Tell one such provision in CAA which takes away the citizenship of Muslims. Sibal then got up from his seat and said, ‘Nobody is saying that CAA will take away anyone’s citizenship’.

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