Adah Sharma becomes a bar dancer in her next Sunflower season 2

Adah Sharma fresh out of the success of the highest female grossing film of all time The Kerala Story. Audience and critics both went gaga over her realistic vulnerable performance as a naive college student who becomes a terrorist. 2023 has been her year because she followed it up by her action packed performance in Commando , a complete contrast from The Kerala Story.

Now Adah will be seen playing a bar dancer in her next release Sunflower season 2 on zee 5. Speaking about her character adah says ,” As an actor I read Rosies part I was very excited that Vikas Behl and Chaitali have written a part for a girl who is funny, scary, sarcastic, sweet, evil all of it in one human.
Saying such wicked things, doing things that I would never do in real life is also a little intoxicating .
I play a very strange girl Rosie.To bring her uniqueness to life I was on a strict diet of documentaries about psychopaths ,serial killers and persons with multiple personality disorders. I was also put into physical training as a construction worker to learn to break walls with a hammer . “

Adah is bringing her A game with her variety in selecting roles and her range in bringing characters to life. From the naive Shalini in Kerala story , to Rosie the bar dancer we can’t wait to see her in Sunflower season 2.

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