VIDEO : Shikhar Dhawan, along with his son, saved the life of a pigeon, said- Save a life, they all cannot speak


NEW DELHI : Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan has shared a video, which is going to win the hearts of all. Together with the family, he rescues the pigeon and then gives it a new form of life. After capturing this pigeon, Dhawan has placed it inside a cartoon so that it does not go anywhere. He has shared this video on Instagram. The caption reads, “Everyone’s life is precious. So if you ever have the opportunity to save a life, please respect it.” Talking about this video, Shikhar Dhawan’s son Zorawar Dhawan is feeding the pigeon with paddy water. Joravar has some rice and a water bowl. Son Zoraver tries to feed the pigeon, but one does not eat twice. This father-son duo is also talking about how they saved it and how it can fly again.

This news could be a lesson for the mischievous elements, who in Kerala had recently put a pregnant elephant in the mouth of death by feeding them a pineapple filled with firecrackers. Everyone is cursing the mischievous elements who killed the lifeless elephant. Even this sentence is being mentioned all over the world. Indian team opener Shikhar Dhawan has proved that humanity is still alive by saving the life of a lifeless person.

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