Pune: Violent Attack Unfolds in Pune’s Pandavnagar! Man Assaulted with Steel Rod and Machete Over Earlier Animosity (Videos)

Pune: In the Pandavnagar area of Pune, a 36-year-old individual called one person to drink tea at the chowk and brutally assaulted him with a steel rod and machete over the earlier animosity between them. This disturbing incident took place on Friday, March 29, between 3.30 p.m. and 3.45 p.m. near Golandaj Chowk. Chaturshringi police have registered a case against the accused in this matter.

According to the accused, the injured Shankar Badshah Mirekar, a resident of old Wadarwadi, Pune, and Kishor Govind Dhotre, a resident of Vaiduvadi, Hadapsar, were good friends. Earlier, both had some arguments, in which Mirekar had beaten and abused Dhotre. Therefore, Dhotre was upset with Mirekar and was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take revenge.

Accordingly, at 3.30 pm on Friday, Dhotre called Mirekar and asked him to come near Golandaj Chowk to drink tea. After that, Dhotre unnecessarily started arguing with Mirekar, which led to a violent altercation between them. In the subsequent arguments between them, Dhotre took out a machete from the trunk of the car and stabbed Mirekar in the head and back.

Mirekar was greatly injured in this attack. Following the incident, the accused, Dhotre, fled from the scene. After Mirekar filed a complaint in this regard at Chaturshringi police station, police immediately booked the accused under IPC 307, 504, 34, the Arms Act, and the Maharashtra Police Act. Assistant Police Inspector Kekan of Chaturshringi police station is investing further in this case.

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