Pune: Supriya Sule is On Lead in Internal Survey of Ajit Pawar Group in Baramati, Rohit Pawar Took Jibe at Opponents During Party Meeting

Pune: As the Lok Sabha elections draw nearer, political dynamics in Maharashtra are undergoing intense scrutiny, with parties engaged in strategic discussions and candidate selections. One constituency that has captured significant attention is Baramati, where Supriya Sule’s candidature has sparked fervent speculation.

Despite Sunetra Pawar’s name not yet being officially announced by the Mahayuti coalition, she has already commenced campaigning, signaling the anticipation surrounding the constituency. In a recent development, Sharad Pawar’s MLA, Rohit Pawar, visited the Bhekrainagar area of Haveli taluka, falling within the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency, to engage with activists and address the media.

Amidst speculation about the candidate selection process, Rohit Pawar revealed insights into the internal dynamics within the Mahayuti coalition. He disclosed that while Sunetra Pawar is considered a probable candidate from Mahayuti for the Baramati Lok Sabha seat, Ajit Pawar’s surveys indicate a preference for Supriya Sule. Rohit Pawar took a subtle dig at Ajit Pawar, expressing confidence that Supriya Sule would secure victory by a nearly two and a half lakh vote margin.

Highlighting the broader political landscape, Rohit Pawar criticised the BJP for adopting divisive tactics, both at the national and state levels. He asserted that the dissatisfaction among voters towards the BJP is palpable, predicting a significant erosion of their voter base in the upcoming elections.

The political landscape in the state witnessed a significant shift with the resignation of MLA Nilesh Lanke from the Ajit Pawar group, signalling a realignment within the political spectrum. Rohit Pawar explained that Lanke’s decision to join the Sharad Pawar camp was influenced by the overwhelming support he received from constituents, who pledged their votes if he aligned with Sharad Pawar. With Lanke now part of their fold, Rohit Pawar expressed optimism about securing a substantial vote share and emphasised the collective strength of grassroots support in the electoral arena.

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