Pune: Two Doctors Arrested in Kalyani Nagar Accident Case

Pune: In a significant development in the Kalyani Nagar accident case, Dr. Ajay Taware and Dr. Shrihari Halnor from Sassoon Hospital have been arrested by the Crime Branch. The arrests took place early in the morning, marking a critical turn in the investigation.

According to police reports, the accused underwent a medical examination the morning after the accident, during which blood samples were collected. It has now emerged that these samples were tampered with by the duty doctors, Dr. Shrihari Halnor and Dr. Ajay Taware, altering the blood report and potentially affecting the outcome of the case.

Fortunately, the police had taken a second set of blood samples from the accused and conducted a DNA test, which exposed the tampering. The Crime Branch meticulously planned the operation and apprehended Dr. Taware and Dr. Halnor from their residences early on Monday morning. This development has once again stirred the medical fraternity.

Previously, in the Lalit Patil drug mafia case, the involvement of Sassoon Hospital’s Dean, Dr. Sanjeev Thakur, had come to light. Despite such incidents, malpractices at Sassoon Hospital have continued. Dr. Ajay Taware was recently removed from his position after a patient died due to a rodent bite. Nonetheless, Dr. Taware assisted the accused in the Kalyani Nagar accident case by altering the blood samples. It is alleged that Dr. Taware and Dr. Halnor received significant sums of money for their actions. The police are currently investigating who approached them and facilitated the monetary transactions.

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