Pune: Installation of CCTV cameras mandatory at bar counters

Pune: It has been made mandatory for hotel owners to install CCTV cameras at the bar, where alcohol is served. Its live telecast will be made available to police stations and superintendents of all State Excise Department divisions.

Moreover, the rule is mandatory for all hotels within a 10-km periphery of the city.

The State Excise Department conducted a drive following the hit-and-run case in Kalyani Nagar. It was found during the drive that rules were violated by selling liquor without a valid permission; time limit was not followed; alcohol was sold at a place other than the place it was meant for and liquor was served to minors. It is not possible to monitor all this due to a shortage of manpower.

To address the issue, the State Excise Department decided to make two CCTVs mandatory at bar counters of all hotels, pubs, restaurants within the city and their 10-km periphery. This has to be done within 15 days. An order has been issued in this connection by State Excise Commissioner Vijay Suryawanshi.

Details of the order

*It is mandatory to install two bullet-proof CCTV cameras at the bar counter

*They must have a back-up facility

*The facility of live telecast to the Police and the Excise Department is a must

*A special AI software to analyse footage has to be there

*A mechanism to report violation of time limit to the police and the State Excise Department should be incorporated in it

*State Excise officials will check the mechanism two times in a week

*If the mechanism is not working, it should be registered in the book of the licence holder. It has to be repaired immediately by the licence holder

*All superintendents should set up the facility to watch live telecast from their office

*They have to immediately inform the Excise Commissioner if action has been taken as per the order

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