Pune: Water storage in dams dipping, water has to be used judiciously

Pune: Storage in the Khadakwasla chain of dams (Khadakwasla, Temghar, Panshet and Varasgaon) that supply water to the city has less storage due to a shortfall in rain last year. There is only 14 per cent water storage in these dams.

The catchment areas of the dams have not received good rainfall till date. Therefore, there has been no increase in storage. Though the monsoon has arrived, it is quite weak. Pune city and Shirur, Indapur, Baramati Daund talukas got rains.

A rainfall of 206 mm has been recorded in the city since June 5. It is higher than the month’s average rainfall. It is 135 per cent of the average. The capacity of the four dams in the Khadakwasla system is 29.15 TMC.

At present, the total water storage in the four dams is 4.71 TMC. The dams were somehow filled last year. The retreating monsoon also did not help them to fill to their capacity.

The storage in the four dams that supply water to the city is the lowest in the past five years. Water planning is needed considering its use for agriculture, evaporation and the city’s needs.

Currently, weather conditions are warm and there is likely to be a lull in monsoon activity in this and next month. The storage last year on this day was 5.48 TMC. The percentage of the available storage then was 18.78 per cent. The IMD has predicted 100 pc rainfall of the annual average in Pune district.

The entire country is likely to receive 106 pc of rainfall of the annual average. However, the storage in the dams has to be used judiciously at present.

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