Pune: Another minor driving car tries to hit a woman, several others in Alandi (Video)

Pune / Alandi: In a repeat of the hit-and-run case in Kalyani Nagar, a 17-year-old endangered lives of a woman and other people by driving a car recklessly at Vadgaon Ghenand near Alandi on Saturday.

A video clip of the incident has gone viral on social media. In the backdrop of the hit-and-run case in Kalyani Nagar, citizens were discussing the accident.

Najuka Ranjit Thorat, a resident of Vadgaon Ghenand, lodged a complaint and a case has been registered against the minor in the Alandi Police Station.

According to the Alandi Police, the complainant is a resident of Vadgaon Ghenand. The complaint stated that the complainant and the child in conflict with law (CCL) had a quarrel in the past. And the CCL tried to run over his car (MH14HD5749) out of anger over the quarrel. However, she immediately side-stepped and saved herself. Thorat received a minor injury.

There were 5-6 other citizens on the road, where the CCL drove his car. A couple of them were carrying wooden staff. It appeared to be a quarrel when the CCL reversed the car several metres and then speedily drove it allegedly with an intention to run over them. An old woman was present among them. The people present on the spot saved themselves by running away from the vehicle.

After driving a distance away, he climbed on top of the car, removed his shirt and abused the complainant.

Meanwhile, the CCL has been booked for an attempt to murder at the Alandi Police Station. He has been detained and the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) has sent him to an observation home.

Land rates in Alandi and its surrounding areas have gone up. Many farmers have sold their land and bought cars. They hand over keys of cars to their minor children, who recklessly drive them and endanger the lives of other citizens. This is a representative picture in the area. A traffic constable was seriously injured in a similar manner in Charholi a couple of months ago. Citizens have demanded strict action against minors driving vehicles to curb such incidents.

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